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Please make sure you read and complete below instructions first! 

  • Each client is given a username and password to access our Case Management System, which is a space on the web,  and you can fill out your forms, upload your documents, and check your file status.
  • In order to use our case management system properly, please follow below instructions prior to logging into the system.
  • If you have already done the settings described below, please proceed to login by clicking Case Management System.


Setup Instructions:

1. Our Case Management System works better with the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox (Download)
  • For Mac users, only Apple Safari is supported.
  • Please note: Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are NOT supported.

2. You need to have latest version of Adobe Reader (Download) installed in order to view or fill out forms within the Case Management System. If have the software installed already, then proceed to step 3.

3. Once you have your browser and Adobe Reader installed, you need to follow below instructions to make sure the option Display PDF in browser is turned on in your Adobe Reader (or Adobe Acrobat). 

(1) For Mozilla Firefox:

(a) Open up the Mozilla Firefox browser

(b) Go to Options

(c) Go to Applications

(d) For Portable Document Format, choose Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox), screenshot below


(2) For Apple Safari:

(a) Navigate to: Safari > Preference > Advanced

(b) Uncheck: Stop plug-ins to save powe


(c) Then from this place, navigate to Security, click [Manage Website Settings], then choose Adobe Reader

(d) Change the option to [Always Allow], then click [Done]


(e) If you Mac is running 10.6.8, please download Safari 5.0.5 and install. (Download)  


4. Once you have above steps setup properly, you can now log into our Case Management System:


6. Once you are logged in, please make sure your information under the Profile tab in the system are accurate and up to date. If anything should be changed, please contact us immediately by sending an email.

7. Forms are under the Forms tab, you can see there are forms assigned to the Main Applicant and Spouse (if applicable)

8. If the form has the [Upload] button showing after the form name, then this form cannot be completed within the browser. When you double click the form, it will download to your local workstation. Once you complete the form, then please click the [Upload] button in the system, choose the form that you completed, then click the Upload button to complete the process.

9. If the form does have the [Upload] button showing after the form name, then you should be able to complete the form in the browser. You can double click the form and it should be opened up in the browser.

10. Check your forms. If you see a gray screen after opening a form with an option "Activate Adobe Acrobat" click on it, then "Allow and remember"

11. When opening forms for the first time, you may get an error-pop up and a yellow bar at the top. Please make this adjustment to “Add host to privileged locations”:



12. After you complete or update a form within our Case Management System, make sure you click the below button (Save to Officio) to save to the system. The SAVE button of the PDF reader would NOT save the form in the system. 



13. Once you click the Save to Officio button, it should pop up a confirmation screen indicating your form was saved successfully. If it displays a different message, the information might not be saved. You may reopen the form and try again.

Sometimes, you may experience the issue that you could not type or edit anything, you may click the Save to Officio button to save the form first, then you should be able to continue working on the form.

If you are not able to manage your computer to work with our Case Management System, please contact us by sending an email with details, and our technical support team will help you with it.






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